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The Lovely Ladies Of Port Charles

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The Lovely Ladies Of Port Charles
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Brooklyn Ashton :
Brooklyn Ashton is the beautiful daughter of Ned and Lois Ashton.
She likes to sing and write her own music.
Brooklyn currently attends PC University.

Carly Corinthos
Carly Corinthos is the daughter of Bobbie Spencer and John Durant.
She was named Caroline as a baby by her adoptive parents the Bensons and then later showed up in Port Charles to cause problems in her unsuspecting biological mother's marriage.
Carly is currently half owner of the Metrocourt hotel with Jasper Jax.
Alexis Davis:
Alexis Davis is the daughter of Mikkos Cassadine and Kristen Nillson.
She and her sister Kristina were product of an affair that their mother had with patriarch of the Cassadine  family.
She is a tough no nonsense attorney who had a fling with Sonny Corinthos which produced her daughter Kristina.
Presently Alexis is married to Sonny's half  brother Ric.
They just had a baby girl named Molly whom was born after two trains collided thanks to Manny Ruiz who caused the whole incident.

Georgie Jones
Georgie Jones is the beautiful smart youngest daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones, step daughter to Mack Scorpio and sister of Maxie Jones.
Georgie is in her senior year at Port Charles High School with Lu Lu Spencer and enjoys going to pep rallies and football games.
Georgie is currently dating Dillon Quartermaine which annoys her step father Mac who believes the young man is a bad influence on her.

Maxie Jones
Maxie is the oldest daughter of Felicia and Frisco Jones, the stepdaughter of Mac Scorpio and older sister of Georgie Jones.
Maxie is a girl who became very ill when she was six years old. She was given her cousin BJ's heart after BJ died in a school bus crash.
Maxie is a girl who has a taste for adventure very much like her mother and father.
Maxie has rebelled against her parents in the past and was sent off to boarding school.
When she arrived back in Port Charles she graduated with her friends and is now attending Port Charles University with Dillon Quartermaine and her cousin Lucas.
She is currently dating detective Jesse Beaudry much to the chagrin of her step father who didn't want his baby girl dating the young cop.

Courtney Matthews
Courtney Matthews is the daughter of Mike Corinthos and the half sister of mob boss Sonny Corinthos.
Courtney has a foundation which helps find foster homes for kids who need a place to stay.
She made a bet with Jax for 10 million dollars that she wouldn't sleep with him they eventually fell in love and got married.
They are now divorced because of an affair she started with Nikolas Cassadine which also resulted in Nikolas'divorce from Emily.

Sam MCCall is the fiancee' of Jason Morgan and lives with him him his penthouse.
She is a tough cookie with a fighting spirit in her and whom helped Jason and Carly through their toughest times.
She aided in the search when Michael Carly's oldest son and Jason's nephew was kidnapped by his own father AJ Quartermaine and was also at Jason's side during brain surgery.
Sam fights like a hell cat when need be and when she's faced with danger she leaps into it feet first.

Emily Quartermaine
Emily Quartermaine is the adopted daughter and sister of Alan Quartermaine, Monica Quartermaine and Jason Morgan respectfully.
Emily lost her mother to cancer when she was just ten years old.
Emuily is attending medical school to become a doctor.
Emily married Nikolas Cassidine in 2004,but their marriage fell apart after she was raped by her husbands look alike.
Not being able to look him in the face she distanced herself away from him and they are now divorced.

Monica Quartermaine is a doctor at General Hospital and is married to Alan Quartermaine who is the chief of staff at General Hospital.
She is mother to Dawn,AJ, Jason and Emily.
With Dawn living away from the family and AJ dead Monica still has her two precious children Jason and Emily whom are still around.
Monica is a no nonsense type person and doesn't tolerate ignorance or stupidity from her inlaws.
There have been times that Monica has voiced wanting her cranky father in law and her bitchy sister inlaw to no longer reside in her home.

Skye Quartermaine is the adopted daughter of Alan and Monica whom came to town believing that Alan was her birth father.
Skye is a bright intelligent woman who was married to Jax, then got involved with Luke Spencer.
Lately Skye has inched herself away from Luke since he married Tracy Quartermaine and ran off and left LuLu in her care.
Skye is now involved with Lorenzo Alcazar.

Tracy Quartermaine
Tracy Quartermaine Spencer is the daughter of Edward and Lila Quartermaine and the sister of doctor Alan Quartermaine.
Tracy is an all around viper in high heels and the consumate mean spirited witch.
Tracy takes pleasure in hurting other people's feelings without a second thought to what she says or does.
She is the mother of Ned and Dillon and is the step mother to Lu Lu Spencer.
Tracy was tricked into marrying Luke Spencer so that he could get back the 15 million he stole from his step son Nikolas' bank account.
Recently the ice queen approved of Dillon marrying his g/f  Georgie Jones while he was sick in the hospital.
Not afraid of catching the virus Tracy exclaimed " I'm too mean to get sick!"

Robin Scorpio
Robin Scorpio is the daughter of Anne Devane and Robert Scorpio.
She is smart, beautiful and has a heart of gold.
Robin has arrived back in town after living in Paris France for ten years.
Robin tried to help ex lover Jason Morgan with drug therapy for his memory loss,but it failed leading to Jason having to have brain surgery.
She currently is working at General Hospital and has a thing for Dr Patrick Drake.
Robin's presumed dead father arrived back into her live much to her disgust. Harboring hurt feelings over being lied to who can blame her.
She has the gutsiness and the looks of her mother but she gets her stubborness from her father.

Bobbie Spencer
Bobbie Spencer or Barbara Jean as her brother Luke calls her is an RN at General Hospital and is the mother of Carly Corinthos and Lucas Jones.
Bobbie has had a jaded past where she was a teen prostiute which produced her daughter Carly whom she gave up for adoption.
Bobbie was involved in several relationships while working as a nurse at general hospital one of which was Dr Noah Drake who has since come back to Gh to work.
She was the step mom to BJ who died several years back and has since lost her ex husband Tony to the deadly virus that spread across town thanks to Luke bringing it back with him from the Maarkham Islands.

Elizabeth Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer is a young nurse and mother whom comes from a long line of family who were in the medical profession.
Elizabeth is sweet, down to earth but don't let the good girl act fool you when she needs to be Elizabeth can be tough and a no nonsense kind of gal.
Elizabeth was raped when she was 16 by a man who stalked her best friend Emily.
Lucky Spencer came to her rescue and helped her through her ordeal and they soon fell in love.
Eventually a fire ripped through the port charles hotel and Elizabeth thought she had lost Lucky for good.
When he resurfaced he had amnesia due to being brainwashed by Helena Cassadine.
Elizabeth then met and married Ric Lansing but their union ended up in divorce.
Not long after Elizabeth had a fling with Zander Smith which resulted in her becoming pregnant.
She had a baby boy and then eventually found her way back to Lucky in October 2005.

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