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The Lovely Ladies Of Port Charles
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Storyline: Justus has a teenage daughter (age 13-16) that he doesn’t know about named Desiree Robinson. From Philadelphia, Desiree Robinson comes to Port Charles, after her mother passed away, to meet her father but all that she knows is his initials, J.W, and he left Philadelphia to Port Charles. Living at the park because of lacking a place to live, she meets Michael Corinthos III meets and befriends him. Later on Michael comes back and tells her that her father, Sonny Corinthos, invites her to dinner. She comes and have life conversations with Sonny, she recognizing who him from the newspapers and television and she tells him that she was in a gang once and she knew how to hotwire cares and could lock pick things, with that information later on she asks for a job from Sonny and has her work for him, and how she never knew here father lying saying he died before she was born and she has nowhere to go. Sonny decides to let her stay at his house until she decides on what she’s going to do. Sonny, as usual, has someone after him and doesn’t think it’s safe for the children to stay at his place so he has Michael and Morgan stay with Emily and asks Sam and Jason to let Desiree stay with them and they do. Sam, Jason, and Desiree have a connection and develop a great friendship with each others. Desiree meets a new guy in town named David, a Cassidine that Helena has into town to continue family royalty since Nicholas is refusing to, Starvos and and a woman he had an affair with in Greece. Helena knew about him but was so sure that Nicholas would take over the family “throne” she told no on of him until now. (if no one likes this idea with Starvos and another child, I would change it to please long term viewers).They start to have a connection with each other and start dating. Michael get jealous because he has a crush on her, they’re only two years apart, him being younger. One day Justus goes by Sonny’s and Desiree meets him for the time and he recognizes her necklace with that has her parents initials, J.W.&L.R., on it and she tells him that her parents initials it’s the only thing of her mother’s that she has. And remembers her mother, Lynn Robinson, and he mention her name and she tells him that that name was her mother’s names and he tells her that he gave her mother that necklace before he left Philadelphia. Then she realizes and tells Justus is her father and is her reason for her coming to Port Charles. Justus tells Desiree that if she is her daughter, that he would take accept her with open arms. Later that day, when Desiree get backs to Jason and Sam’s place, unaware that she found her father, they tell her that they want to adopt her as their own and to be an older sibling to their future baby. She tells them that she founds her father and who he is and they’re shocked. After the paternity test results saying that Justus is her father, Michael slowly loses interest when realizes they’re cousins but become bestfriends, but Desiree has to make a decision to either be and stay with the Quatermaines, which the only ones she really likes is Emily and especially Tracey, or stay with Sam and Jason to be a family and work for Sonny. Either way, she still wants a good relationship with her father.
Part One (This is my first fanfiction and its only the begining to my story)
(It begins when 13 year old Michael Corinthos III hangs at the park and see an african american girl sleeping on the bench and the curious Michael would like to introduce himself.)
Micheal: "Hello?" she doesn't answer. "Excuse me?" he taps her on the should and she jumps up. "I'm sorry, I was just wondering why you were sleeping on the bench, are you okay?"
The girl: "Personally I don't think Its anyone's business" she say in a tired tone but not angry. she takes another look at him. "You look farmiliar, like I've seen you on t.v. or something. You be on the news sometimes right."
Michael:"Well, yeah. My name's Michael Corinthos."
The girl: "I knew you looked farmiliar. Your dad is Sonny Corinthos, Michael Corinthos Jr. My name is Desiree Robinson. I'm new in town"
Michael: "you just moved here with your parents?"
Desiree: she starts to look really sad. "No. I have no parents. "
Michael: he starts to feel sad also. "I'm really sorry."
Desiree: 'Me too. I came here alone, with little money, no place to stay, and my guitar."
Michael: "you the guitar. Let me hear play something."
Desiree: she looks around the bench "I would but, I believe someone's stolen my guitar"
Michael: "oh. Sorry about that also. How long have you've been here?"
Desiree: "on the bench"
Michael: he laughs "No in town."
Desiree: "about two weeks"
Michael: "I've never seen you in the park"
Desiree: "That's because I usually stay in those bushes." she points into the bushes behind the bench "What's is the name of the highschool around here?"
Michael: "Port Charles High. I attend there myself."
Desiree: "you go to highschool? How old ae you? What grade are you in?"
Michael: he laughs "people ask me this all the time. Im 13 and Im in the 9th grade"
Desiree: "did you skip some grades or something? Im 15 in the 10th grade"
Micheal: "I took classes in summer school to get ahead."
Desiree: "It makes since now" they sit in silence for a little while until Emily enterups
Emily: "Michael, ready to go?"
Michael: "In a minute, Emily this is Desiree"
Emily: she shakes hands with Desiree "nice to meet you"
Desiree: "same here"
Michael: "Well I have to get going. Hopefully I'll get to see you soon"
Desiree: "me too"
Michael: he starts to walk away "Bye"

(Michael and Emily walks into Sonny's living room and Sonny's hangs up phone)
Michael: "hi dad"
Sonny: "hey Mickey"
Michael: "can you stop calling me that, its kinda childish"
Sonny: "Oh come on you used to like the name, you thought it sounded better than Michael. So how was the park"
Michael: "I made a new friend. She's really nice"
Sonny: he look over at Emily "She?"
Michael: "yeah she's really cool, buut she has no where to live and she has no parents. I wish there was something I could do for her."
Sonny: "That's terrible. How old is she? Do you know?"
Micheal: "she's 15 in the 10th grade and she lives at the park"
Sonny: "I see if there's something I could do you go upstairs and get ready for dinner"
Michael: "Alright" he runs up the stairs
Sonny: he walks over to Emily "Have you met the kid?"
Emily: "yeah Michael introduced us but I didn't know she was homeless and an orphan"
Sonny: "do you know where she is?" Emily nods her head "Can you do me a favor?"

(Back at the park, Desiree is asleep then Emily wakes her)
Emily: "Hey Desiree. Come with me, I have something for you."
Desiree: "what is it?"
Emily: "just come with me"

(Back at Sonny's, Sonny sits on the couch waiting for Emily to return the Emily walks in with Desiree)
Sonny: he get up to introduce himself "Hello Desiree my name is Mr.-"
Desiree: she cut him off "Mr. Corinthos. I've heard of you. You have a lovely home"
Michael: he comes down the stairs "dad what for din-" he sees Desiree and has a confused/excited look on his face "Desiree what are you doing here"
Desiree: "A good question indeed" she looks at Sonny "What am I doing here Mr. Corinthos."
Sonny: "I've decided to have you over for dinner, if that's okay with you"
Desiree: "I would love to"
Michael: "great, I love having a non-boring dinner"
Part Two
(Sonny's House and everyone has finished dinner, Michael's helping Emily with dishes while Sonny and Desiree are sitting on the couch)
Sonny: "So Desiree, I have question"
Desiree: "what is it?"
Sonny: "earlier you said you've heard of me, what exactly have you heard?"
Desiree: "Well you're a "Coffee Importer" here in P.C., you have three children, Michael's adopted, and you have Morgan by Caroline Benson, whom you you've married a couple of times, lost count, and you have Kristina, by Alexis Davis-Lansing, who was you attorney and friend. Your first wife was killed in a car bombing that was meant for you while she was pregnant with your child. Your best friend is Jason Morgan, who used to be Quartermaine, is known as "The Enforcer" and is now married to your ex-girlfriend Samantha McCall. And you have a brother name Ric Lansing by you mother, Adela, and A sister named Courtney Mathews by you father Mike, who works at Kelly's" she's now out of breath
Sonny: "Impressive, very Impressive"
Desiree: "I've done my homework"
Sonny: "homework for what?"
Desiree: "Well, I used to be a member of a gang in Philidelphia, where I'm from, called the MIs, "Mob Impersinators" We looked up mobsters all over the world and I came across you. My gang name was "Michelle Corinthos IV". they start to laugh.
Sonny: "you were in a gang? what stuff did you do?"
Desiree: "well I was the intelligence of the gang and I operated the plans we did and although I was the known to be the quickest gang member in town, I've never shot or killed anybody.
Sonny: "quickest in what?"
Desiree: Well, people said that I could probrably take out atleast half of a gang single handedly becuase of my quick thinking, speed, and high ability of shooting. I sometimes trained new coming members. Hey you never know I could be useful to you." she starts to laughs
Sonny: "I'm not sure if I would have a teenage girl in my business. You have a whole life ahead of you"
Desiree: "that's understandable"
Sonny: "So did you parents ever find this out?"
Desiree: Well I never met my dad. I was told he died before I was born. Well my mom knew after I was arrested for stealing someone's car. I was in Juvinile Detention for three months."
Sonny: "Well, I was wondering since you don't have a place to stay, you could live here until you get back on your feet."
Desiree: "I don't know, Im afraid I'll get in the way of things"
Sonny: "Michael would love to have you as our guest."
Desiree: "I guess I stay"
Sonny: "Michael!"
Michael: "what?"
Sonny: "Can you show what room Desiree will be staying at?"
Michael: getting excited "she's staying here?"
Sonny: "Yeah"
Michael: "That's awesome!"
Part 3
(Michael walks Desiree into one of the guest rooms)
Michael: he's really nervous, but's not sure why "I hope you like the room."
Desiree: "It looks better than my old bedroom. Its nice of your dad to let me stay here"
Michael: " he has a good heart. Desiree, how would you to go to Kelly's to hang out. You'll get to meet my grandfather and possibly some other people I know. It doesn't have to be a date or anything."
Desiree: "its okay Mickey, I would love to go.
Michael: "So is it a date or something?"
Desiree: "It could be. You're a sweet kid"
Michael: "So tomorrow at 8:00"
Desiree: "sure"
Michael: "and when we get back, you wanna watch movies.?"
Desiree: "okay"
Michael: "and after that-"
Desiree: "I think think that would be enough for one night."
Michael: "well, goodnight"
Desiree: "So soon?"
Michael: "well I thought you'd might want to get some sleep"
Desiree: "You're right, goodnight"
(Michael goes down stairs and sees Sonny)
Michael: "hey dad"
Sonny: "Hey Michael, hey do you want me you and Desiree to go out to dinner tomorrow"
Michael: "I have plans, I've gotten a date with desiree tomorrow"
Sonny: "does she know you're 13"
Michael: "yes and I was honestly thought she would turn me down because of it but I guess since its only a two year age difference-"
Sonny: "you really like her?"
Michael: "yeah"
Sonny: "although you barely know her"
Michael: "Well that's why Im taking her out tomorrow to get to know her dad"
Sonny: "well don't be out too late"
Michael: "I won't"
Sonny: "Emily said she wants to take her shopping tomorrow afternoon and have a girls day"
Michael: "okay I'll tell her now-"
Sonny: "Actually, Emily wants to surprize her. Desiree has no money and Emily wants to surprize her with this"
Michael: "Okay, no problem"
Part 4
(The next morning, Desiree goes downstairs and Emily is sitting on the couch)
Emily: "hello Desiree"
Desiree: "GoodMorning Miss Emily"
Emily: "You can just call me Emily. How would you like to go shopping with me today?"
Desiree: "I have no money"
Emily: "Oh don't worry, I'm paying for it"
Desiree: "Oh, I can't let you do that."
Emily: "Oh its no big deal. We can have a girl's day, you know I can show you around town."
Desiree: "That's really nice of you"
Emily: "Come on, lets go"
(Later that day they have lunch outside of Kelly's)
Emily: "How's the food?
Desiree: "its good"
(Nicholas and David, walk over toEmily and Desiree's table. David is the son of Alexis and a man name Jamie from Greece. Alexis had an sexual encounter with Jamie and Helena knew about the child but was sure that Nick was gonna take over the family "thorn", but since he's decided not to she's brought David from Greece a few month before to take over. If the long-time veiwers don't like this idea I would gladly change it. David catches Desiree's eye and can't seem to take her eyes off of him)
Nick: "Hey Emily"
Emily: "hey Nicholas, hey David. Nicholas this is Desiree" Nick and Desiree shake hands "what are you doing here"
Nick: "Im here to eat. Me and David decided to eat out for lunch"
Emily: "Oh that's nice"
Nick: "See you see later"
(Nick and David walks into Kelly while Desiree's still has her eyes on David and smiling)
Emily: "Are you okay Desiree?"
Desiree: "Who was that?"
Emily: "Nicholas?" Desiree shakes her head no "David?"
Desiree: "that's his name? He's hot."
(Inside of Kelly's is David and Nicholas)
Nicholas: "He David, did you see that girl Desiree checking you out?"
David: "She's cute"
Nicholas: "I've never seen her around so she may be new in town"
David: "Maybe she'll be going to school at P.C. High"
Nicholas: "Maybe you can ask her out"
David: "I probrably have no chance"
Nicholas: "You never know"
Part Five
(Emily and Desiree enters into Sonny's livingroom while Sonny's in the livingroom)
Sonny: "how was shopping?"
Desiree: "It was fun Mr. Corinthos, I really enjoyed spending the day with Miss Emily"
Emily: "I told you just called me Emily"
Desiree: "sorry. I'll put my thing in the room"
(Desiree goes upstairs)
Emily: "she's a sweet kid, we went shopping, then went to Kelly's and she met Nicholas and his brother David"
Sonny: "That's nice, what kind of person do you view her as?"wanting to know her opinion
Emily: "Well she's a nice kid, she's shy, and she even told me she wants to be a doctor but not sure what kind. She likes to help people."
Sonny: "She's nice, and Michael seems to like her. He does have many friends, you know atleast not his own age."
Emily: "I think Michael tries to grow up too fast. Desiree, I think she's just a young woman with a criminal past that wants to change. After you told mewhat she told you about her criminal life, and hanging out her today made me see her as a person who has had a rough life so far and wants to change it. I thought about confronting Courtney about her foundation and ask her aboout helping Desiree on finding a family or help her get back on her feet. What do you think?"
Sonny: "Well I think that would be a good idea, but I believe its up to Desiree."
Part Six
(In Desiree's room, Desiree is putting away her stuff until there's a knock on the door)
Desiree: "Come in."
(Michael walks in)
Michael: "hey, just seeing how you were doing. How was you day with Emily?"
Desiree: "It was really nice of her to do that. She's really sweet."
Michael: "I was wondering, what movie would you like to see when we get back from dinner?"
Desiree: "I don't know, surprise me"
Michael: "Is there any particular category of movie in particular you had in mind?"
(she walks over to Michael)
Desiree: "Are you in the mood for a romance movie? How about with a little tragedy?"
Michael: he getting really nervous but she doesn't exactly get. "Um, sounds cool. I'll be back, I have to go."
Desire: "see you later"
(Michael walks out into the hallway and pull out his cellphone and dials a number)
Michael: "hey this is Michael. Hey I need a favor. Can you come over real quick?"
Part Seven
(Michael is sitting in the livingroom waiting until Dillion comes in)
Michael: "hey"
Dillion: "hey. what did you call me for?"
Michael: "I have a problem but I need your help. I have a date and-"
Dillion: he interupts Michael "You have a date. Go ahead Michael"
Michael: "Can I finish? You know alot about movies and I have no idea what movie to rent for my date. She said something about romance and tragedy. Do you have any ideas?"
Dillion: "Well its nice of you to ask me. How about the classic "Romeo and Juliet"?"
Michael: "Not the old one."
Dillion: "well..." he stops to think "I got another idea."
(Michael and Desiree are walking into Kelly's when he spots Mike)
Michael: "Hey gandpa Mike"
Mike: " Hello Michael, who is this beautiful young lady you brought here with you?"
Michael: "This is my friend Desiree. Desiree this is my grandfather Mike" they give hand shakes
Mike: "What will you have, its on me"
Michael: "its okay, I'll pay. What would like Desiree?"
Desiree: "I'll have a mushroom swiss cheese bruger."
Mike: "what would you have Mickey?"
Michael: "Please don't call me that"
Desiree: "I like it. Its a cute name"
Michael: "really. I'll have what she's having" he tries to sound charming.
(Desiree and Michael sit at a table)
Desiree: "you're grandfather's nice. He's you dad's father right?"
Michael: "Yeah. My mom's dad is the D.A. here"
Desiree: "Where is you mom, if you don't mind me asking?"
Michael: "she's probrably working and my brother Morgan is at her hous with Leticia, his nanny"
(Courtney walks in with her child, Thomas, just throwing names)
Michael: "hey Courtney"
Courtney: "Hey Michael, how everything?"
Michael: "everything is fine. I would you like you to meet my friend Desiree"
Courtney: "Nice to meet you"
Desiree: "same here"
(Mike walks over)
Mike: "here your two mushroom swiss burgers" he looks at Courtney "hello sweetheart" the he picks up Thomas "he's my loving grandson" then the three of them walks away
Desiree: "Your family seems sweet"
Michael: "Not as sweet as you" trying to put on charm but it work because Desiree is smiling
Part Eight
(Desiree and Michael walk into Sonny's livingroom and they sit on the couch and Michael sees a tape with a note and it says:
Michael, Dillion came by after you left to drop of this tape. Michael looks at the tape with a confused look on his face)
Desiree: "what's wrong?"
Michael: "nothing" he puts they movie in and it a movie that Dillion has done
Desiree: "what's this?"
Michael: "You said suprise you. My cousin Dillion made this when he was in film school. It an original"
Desiree: "Im sure this will be interesting"
Michael: "An interesting movie for an interesting lady" putting more charm on her and they cuddle
(Later that night, Sonny comes downstairs and Michael and Desiree sleeping while the movie is still going. He thinking its cute, but he decides to wake Michael)
Sonny: "Go upstairs and go to bed. Im on my way out to meet Jason"
Michael: "okay" Sonny walks out and Michael wakes Desiree up and they go upstairs and Michael walks Desiree to her room
Desiree: "I had a great time tonight and I loved the movie" she leans in closer but hugs him and she walks in to her room
Michael: "Goodnight" he walks away little disapointed to hoping for a kiss and goes to bed
Part Nine
(The next morning, Desiree and Michael are sitting downstairs on the couch until Michael realizes he almost late for scool and leaves and Sonny comes downstairs)
Sonny: "hey Desiree, have you seen Michael?"
Desiree: "He just ran off to school. I was goning to leave to get a job application for Kelly's. I figure since Im here, I might as well be useful"
Sonny: "That's good its, it gives you something to do. While Im down here, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a sec."
Desiree: "Sure"
Sonny: "My sister, Courtney, has a foundation and she can find you  new family to live with and or help you get back on your feet and its all up to you if you want to"
Desiree: "Well, Im not sure if Im ready to become apart a new family so soon but if she wants to help, she can help me getting enrolled into highschool here."
Sonny: "Well, Im pretty sure I can help you that. If you really want to, I can help."
Desiree: "thank you Mr. Corinthos. I would really appreciate it. Im trying to move on with my life and I want to get through school first"
Sonny: "Well, I'll talk to Courtney and see what I can do"
Desiree: "thanks. I have to go" she leaves to go to Kelly's
(Desiree enters Kelly's and walks over to Mike"
Desiree: "Hello, I was wondering if I you have any job openings here"
Mike: "You're Michael's friend right? Well I have a waitor position for night shift if you interested"
Desiree: "That would be great."
Mike: "Just fill out this application and get back to me."
Desiree: "Okay" she sits down at a table filling at her applicaton
Part 10
Courtney comes over Sonny's while he's in the livingroom)
Courtney: "Is Desiree here?"
Sonny: "No she's at Kelly's"
Courtney: "Well Im sure I could get her enrolled into P.C. High, she just needs a gaurdian."
Sonny: "Well you can do that right?"
Courtney: "I guess. I think its good that she's going to school because if she does change her mind about wanting become part of a family, then it would be easier to find one for her because most people look for kids who are being educated first.
Sonny: :Well again thanks and and you've been a great help Courtney"
Courtney: "She can start in a couple of days"
Sonny: "I'll be sure to tell her when she gets back"
(Desiree walks in)
Desiree: "Hello Mr. Corinthos. Hi, Courtney right?
Courtney: "Yeah. Im gonna go. See ya later" she leaves
Sonny: "How was job searching?"
Desiree: "I'm the new waitress working night shift at Kelly's starting tomorrow."
Sonny: "Well I have news. You be attending school at P.C. in a few days. Courtney said she can enroll you into school but she'll put herself as your gaurdian. Is that okay?"
Desiree: "that great. Thanks for the help Mr. Conrinthos. I really appreciate it."
Sonny: "Well I want to see young people get an education and get use of it, you know"
(Michael walks in from school)
Michael: "Hi Desiree"
Desiree: "Hi Mickey"
Sonny: "Did you forget I was standing here?"
Michael: "Hi dad"
Sonny: "I thought you didn't like the name Mickey"
Michael: "I do now"
Desiree: "Michael, I have good news. Im going to be attending your school in a few days."
Part Eleven
(Michael is a little shocked about the news of Desiree attending school with him)
Michael: "you're what"
Desiree: "Im gonna be going to be going to your school"
Michael: "That's great news. I'll have to show you around the school sometime say tomorrow after school?"
Desiree: "that's real sweet of you Michael" she walks over and hugs him "I'll love to" she goes upstairs and Michael looks upset
Sonny: "what's wrong?"
Michael: "Nothing its just that Im trying to impress her but, Im not that popular. I don't think she'll even notice me anymore. Guys her age will be getting her alot of attention and Im left out in the cold."
Sonny: "Well if she really likes you, you won't have to worry about that"
Michael: "Well I might be able to  put more charm, if I could borrow tweenty dollars. I might take her out for some icecream after school."
Sonny: "What about your allowance?"
Michael: "Like I want to spend my own money"
Sonny: "Well I'll give you the money if you take my advice, dress to impress"
(The next day Desiree and Michael are walking around the school, some kids are still there wondering afterschool)
Desiree: "I had a great time and I think Im gonna like this school"
Michael: "Just make sure you watch out for some people"
Desiree: "Anyone in particular?"
Michael: he looks ahead and sees a girl from his school "Perfect example: Lesli Lu Spencer. Also known as Lulu. She's a senior and known to be a badass and trouble but she's cool and just don't get on her badside and stay out of her way. I believe she's misunderstood, some say since she's a Spencer, which her family is legendary in this city, she's a type of person who would grow up just like her dad only more extreme, but I think its because her father wasn't exactly around while growing up."
Desiree: "wow. well I'll keep that in mind although I see no problem with her, I mean Im not gonna cause trouble. She probrably won't even see me anyways"
Michael: "You want to get something to eat?"
Desiree: "Actually I have to get ready for my first day at work. Don't want be late and want to make bad first impression"
Michael: "well, see you when you get home" they hug
Desiree: "Bye"
Part 12
(In front of Kelly's, Desiree's sitting at a table reading a newspaper after her shift is over. She's gets up still reading the paper and not paying attention, she bumps into a farmiliar face and they're things fall to the ground)
Desiree: "Oh I'm sorry"
David: he speaks with a slight european accent, can you say hot "its okay I didn't see where I was going" they bend down to pick up they're stuff
Desiree: "No if didn't have my nose all in this paper I would have saw you coming" they stop and look at each other, looking in each other's eyes. Desiree looks away while David still looks at her smiling
David: "So you work here?"
Desiree: "Yeah I just started today. Im new here in town" they stand up "Im Desiree"
David: "Well Im David. I came here to get something to eat but I see its closed. Do you have a ride home?"
Desiree: "Why, you have a car?"
David: "No but I can walk you home."
Desiree: "I don't know you"
David: "well how about we walk and talk and we can get to know one another"
Desiree: "that sounds sweet" they start to walk "So David, how long have you've been in P.C.?"
David: "four months. Im originally from the country Greece"
Desiree: "wow. How do you like America?"
David: "Its nice. New York is different. Its exciting and American schools are really different."
Desiree: "You go to P.C. High? Well it looks like I know two people that goes there now."
David: "Who?"
Desiree: "His name is Michael Corinthos."
David: "Is he a red-headed freshman and his father is name Sonny?"
Desiree: "yeah that's him. You know him?"
David: "No not really but I've heard of him"
Desiree: "He's sweet"
David: "I wonder how sweet you are?"
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