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Sonny and Carly have a long history with each other.
It all started when both he and Carly were friendly with Jason but Sonny didn't like her one bit.
They slept together while Jason was out on a job.
Once arriving home after coming home from  the hospital after getting shot Jason discovered his girlfriend Carly half naked coming down the stairs with Sonny.
Eventually Sonny began to like our little vixen when she was asking for help when AJ tried to take baby Michael away from her.
Their marriage was a marriage of convience at first but then the two fell in love.
They've had their share of rough times especially when they were in the midst of a divorce and in a custody battle.
The two soon worked it out and were back together again.
During a split from Carly Sonny had a fling with Alexis Davis which produced their daughter Kristina.
Tough times were ahead again when Carly was seeing Lorenzo Alcazar.
She eventually decided that she wanted only Sonny but he thought she had gone to Alcazar to sleep with him. 
He was mistaken because it was  for a final time. She wanted to get back together with Sonny who began seeing Sam Mccall.
They again got back together.
Eventually though their world together would fall apart due to the fact Carly hid the truth from Sonny that Kristina Alexis' daughter was infact  his child.
Alexis begged and pleaded with her not too and when the truth finally came out it destroyed Sonny and Carly's marriage.
After Michael was kidnapped by AJ Carly promptly married Lorenzo Alcazar.
She eventually suffered a break down which lead her to cause a car accident and also lead her to get on the train that Manny Ruiz made collide with another commuter train.
Sonny and Carly are no longer together,but a distinct flicker of a flame is urging to be fully lit again.

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