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Sam fights with Alexis over Jason



The love and the arrests of Port Charles' Fab four aka Carly & Sonny and Jasam
Video featuring the men and women of GH the song tells the viewer to take a good look at them and accept them as they are.



With the frustration of Sam not telling Alexis that she is her mother on the April 5th episode, I wanted to show a video that expressed many fans frustration of the storyline being dragged out.
Patrick flirts shamelessly with Elizabeth whose on duty at GH



You are cordially invited to the weddings of Luke and Laura Spencer and to their son Lucky's wedding to Elizabeth Webber


General Hospital's Bobbie and Carly have a heart to heart talk at BJ's grave.Carly tells her mother how sorry she is for the pain she put her through and how she regrets the nasty things she had done .



General Hospital's Elizabeth Spencer proves that she's no angel and that she has a fighting spirit


General Hospital's Carly and Courtney have girl talk even when one has died.
Carly & Jax The flame of love is ignited in their lust and passion for each other.




Jasam in their dangerous lifestyle and in love



Port Charles residents in their Time of Crisis



This video features Laura Wright as Carly and is a song that I thought describes Why I like Carly


This video is dedicated to Carly Corithos & Sam Mccall and all of their fans



Sonny Corinthos tries to help his ex wife Carly( Jennifer Bransford) through her break down


The women of Port Charles and their men. Video pokes fun of the men on GH.
Luke Spencer and Spanky buns( Tracy Quartermaine) and their bizarre relationship.
Carly(Laura Wright)struggles with life
Rating: This video has not yet been rated.
Carly(Tamara Braun)& Sonny in their sexiest and finest moments!
Song dedicated to Know it all Robin Scorpio